Environment and Development Planning Committee

Hon. Franco Mercieca MP
Hon. Franco Mercieca
Committee Chairman

Committee Members

Hon. Charles Buhagiar MP
Charles Buhagiar
Hon. Godfrey Farrugia MP - Government Whip
Godfrey Farrugia
Hon. Ryan Callus MP
Ryan Callus
Hon. Marthese Portelli MPHon.
Marthese Portelli

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Extract from the Environment and Development Planning Act (Cap. 504)

34. (1) There shall be a Standing Committee on Environment and Development Planning which shall consist of five members appointed by the House, of whom three shall be members supporting the Government, one of whom shall be appointed as Chairman, and the other two shall be members from the Opposition.

(2) The Standing Committee shall:

(a) review any plan referred to the House of Representatives in terms of this Act. The StandingCommittee shall also recommend to the House whether the plan should be approved, with or without amendments,   or rejected;

(b) discuss any report referred to it by the Minister relating to the structure plan or any review thereof;

(c) discuss any other plan or policy referred to it by the Minister and report thereon to Parliament. Such a report may also include any dissenting opinion on the plan or policy. The Minister shall take cognisance of the said report and shall forward the report to the Authority for its consideration in the determination by the Authority of the plan or policy if thesaid plan or policy has not yet been approved by the Authority: Provided that where the said Standing Committee fails to report to Parliament within the period by which it was requested to do so, the Minister may request the Authority to finalise the said plan or policy, and the Minister may also approve the said plan or policy as forwarded to him by the Authority.

(3) When notice of a motion, as is referred to in article 53(2), is given by the Minister, that motion shall be referred tothe Standing Committee of the House, and the said Standing Committee shall discuss the said motion and report thereon to the House. 

(4) Not later than one month after a notice as is referred to in sub-article (3) has been referred to the StandingCommittee of the House, the said Standing Committee shall discuss the structure plan or any review thereof, and shall, not later than one month after the said plan or review thereof has been referred to it, report thereon to the House:

Provided that where the said Standing Committee fails to report to the House within the said period of onemonth, the House may pass on to discuss the motion.

(5) Where the report of the Standing Committee on a motion is unanimous, the House shall proceed to vote on such motion and on any amendments that are proposed in the said report without debate.