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Hon. Silvio Grixti MP
Hon. Silvio Grixt MP

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Extract from the Standing Orders


120J    (1) The Standing Committee on Health shall have the power to:

(a) on its own initiative, discuss policies and matters in the health sector which have strategic importance and are of material interest to patients, and report thereon to the House;

(b) evaluate all reports, strategic plans, task plans as well as all policies referred to it by the House, by the Minister or by any other Standing Committee;

(c) evaluate matters and items relating to capital and recurrent expenditure of such departments, statutory authorities and public organizations which operate in the public health sector;

(d) evaluate matters and issues relating to public health and the rights of the patient;

(e) discuss and analyse the impact of government and European Union decisions in the health sector;

(f) examine and report back to the House on reports and related documents, which are compiled by the Auditor General or by the Commissioner for Health;

(g) request the Commissioner for Health to appear before the Committee on matters related to his work; and

(h) request persons to appear before the same Committee in order to give a presentation or a statement regarding their tasks and responsibilities on matters which fall under this same Committee.

(2) The Standing Committee on Health shall be constituted of not more than five members, where three members shall constitute a quorum.  The members shall be chosen in such manner as appears practicable to the House as fairly to represent the House in general and the proportion of Government and Opposition Members in the House in particular.

(3) One of the Members nominated by the Government shall be appointed Chairperson of the Committee.

(4) The provisions of paragraphs (3) and (4) of Standing Order 120B shall, mutatis mutandis, apply to Standing Committee on Health.