Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU)

Hon. Godfrey Farrugia
Hon. Godfrey Farrugia
Delegation Leader
Hon. Michael Gonzi MP
Michael Gonzi
Hon. Stephen Spiteri MP
Stephen Spiteri
Hon. Joseph Sammut MP
Joseph Sammut

About the Delegation

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is an international organisation established in 1989 as a forum for political multilateral negotiations. The Maltese Parliament, together with the parliaments of 163 other countries, is a member of the IPU. The IPU has a permanent observer status at the United Nations.

One of the organs of the IPU is the Assembly which meets twice a year. The Assembly is composed of parliamentarians designated as delegates by the parliaments of the countries in the Union. It is assisted in its work by a number of standing committees which normally prepare reports and draft resolutions for the Assembly.

The parliamentary delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, is out in Motion No. 26 approved by the House on 29 April 2013.

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