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Hon. Beppe Fenech Adami MP
 Hon. Beppe Fenech Adami MP
Committee Chairman

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Committee Members - When discussing the Auditor General Report: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Enemalta Corporation's Fuel Procurement

Hon. Jason Azzopardi - Chairman
Hon. Justyne Caruana      
Hon. Owen Bonnici
Hon. Chris Agius
Hon. Edward Zammit Lewis
Hon. Kristy Debono
Hon. Beppe Fenech Adami


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Extract from the Standing Orders

Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

Added by: Res. 198 of 1995
Amended by: Res. 235 of 2006

120E. (1) The Public Accounts Committee shall have the power to:

(a) inquire into matters relating to public accounts referred to it by the House, a Minister or the Director of Audit;

(b) inquire into expenditure as is referred to in subsection (3) of section 103 and section 104 of the Constitution;

(c) examine the accounts of statutory authorities, including parastatal organisations, whose accounts are presented to Parliament;

(d) to request the Director of Audit to submit memoranda on any matter where a request for such submission is made by at least three members of the Standing Committee;

(e) to consider memoranda submitted by the Director of Audit, made upon a request made to him in virtue of paragraph (d) hereof, or on his own initiative;

(f) examine reports, and related documents, made by the Director of Audit;

(g) report to the House on any accounts, reports or documents referred in the previous paragraphs hereof;

(h) report to the House on any change that it considers desirable in the form of the accounts, on the manner in which they are kept, on revenue or expenditure or the control of money.

(i) to discuss Malta's monetary policy and receive reports from the Governor of the Central Bank of Malta.

(2) The Public Accounts Committee shall consist of not more than seven members of whom four shall constitute a quorum. The members shall be chosen so as fairly to represent the House in general and
the proportion of Government and Opposition members in particular.

(3) The provisions of paragraphs (3) and (4) of Standing Order 120B shall apply to the Public Accounts Committee.

(4) One of the members nominated by the Leader of the Opposition and so designated by him after consultation with the Leader of the House shall be appointed Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. The Chairman shall have an original vote but shall not have a casting vote.