Select Committee - Standards, ethics and proper behaviour in public life

Mr Speaker
Hon. George Vella MP - Minister for Foreign Affairs
George Vella
Hon. Justyne Caruana MP
Justyne Caruana
Hon. Francis Zammit Dimech MP
Francis Zammit Dimech
Hon. Ryan Callus MP
Ryan Callus
 Mr Speaker
Committee Chairman

Interim Report

The Select Committee has drawn up an interim report on its work which has been tabled by the Speaker on 16 December 2013. The Interim report includes a draft bill on the setting up of the office of Commissioner and a Standing Committee on Standards in Public Life. The report can be accessed here.

Reactions to the draft bill can be sent to: 

Final Report 

The Speaker has made the final report to the House on the work of the Select Committee set up by Motion 77. The Final Report can accessed here.


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Extract from the Standing Orders

121. The House may appoint a select committee of its members for the purpose of investigating any subject. It shall be competent for the Speaker to be appointed a member of any select committee of the House.

122. No select committee shall be moved for without notice, nor shall it without leave of the House consist of more than seven members; such leave shall not be moved for without notice. In the case of members proposed to be added or substituted after the first appointment of the committee the notice shall include the names of the members proposed to be added or substituted; in no case shall a select committee consist of an even number of members.