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Petition No.: 13 Signatures: 11

Fourteenth Legislature (2022 - )

Details - Online

Revision of the legality of heated tobacco products
Date petition closes for signatures
Creator of petition
With this petition we would like to request the review of the legality of the ownership, distribution, sale and use of heated tobacco products in Malta.
Currently, one can purchase regular tobacco products and vaporisers (disposable or refillable) but not heated tobacco products. We understand that the best course of action a smoker can do is to quit smoking, however there should be more diversity in the market for options should one not choose to quit.
Wherefore I/we respectfully request the House of Representatives to
We would like to request a review of the current legislation and consideration of legalising heated tobacco products in Malta.
Closing remarks
As per clinical studies conducted by the United States Food and Drug Administration agency heated tobacco products are responsible for significantly less harm to one’s health therefore it is a better alternative than continuing to consume regular tobacco products. Moreover, the non-refillable vaporiser products - widely available in Malta - also hold a significant environmental hazard as once they are consumed they are discarded alongside regular waste where hazardous batteries end up in landfills without an option to safely dispose of these products.