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Petition No.: 9 Signatures: 3096

Thirteenth Legislature (2017 - )

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Stop the Malta-Gozo Tunnel
Date petition closes for signatures
Creator of petition
We believe that the proposed tunnel linking Malta and Gozo would cause irreversible harm.

The tunnel means increased traffic and air pollution, increased development and noise.

The tunnel means fewer unspoiled areas, parking spaces and affordable places to live.

The tunnel means the destruction of Gozo as we know it, simply to line the pockets of private investors, developers and speculators.

Why has there been no consultation period or referendum? Where are the sensible alternatives, the fourth ferry, the fast ferry or catamaran? Why have the Gozitan people not been asked for their opinion?

This island has a precious and unique charm - we must not let it be spoiled by greed.
Wherefore I/we respectfully request the House of Representatives to
Stop the Malta-Gozo tunnel from being built