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Petition No.: 3 Signatures: 8783

Thirteenth Legislature (2017 - )

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Protection of embryos
Date petition closes for signatures
Creator of petition
The petitioner respectfully requests the House of Representatives to ascertain that every embryo is protected and The Embryo Protection Act is not amended.

1) From conception we have the right to live a dignified life.
2) We protect life, educate and support compassionately.
3) This is an opportunity for people to express themselves and to make their position known to the House of Representatives.
Wherefore I/we respectfully request the House of Representatives to
Who am I to choose who lives or who dies?

The proposed amendments to the Embryo Protection Act recommend that five oocytes (ovas) are fertilized. Two of the five embryos are implanted in the womb, whilst the other three embryos are cryopreserved (frozen). Present day technology does not guarantee that the three frozen embryos survive the procedure and neither is there any guarantee that the embryos are eventually implanted in the mother’s womb.
Closing remarks
The Embryo Protection Act provides for the protection of human embryos. The purpose of this petition is to uphold this universal right: the right to life.