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PR172551 - The Speaker visits the National Audit Office

Date 13.11.2017

Speaker of the House of Representatives Anġlu Farrugia pays an official visit to the National Audit Office (NAO)

Speaker of the House of Representatives Anġlu Farrugia, accompanied  by the Clerk to the House Ray Scicluna, paid an official visit to the National Audit Office (NAO). The delegation was welcomed by Auditor General Charles Deguara, and Deputy Auditor General Noel Camilleri.

In a meeting with the NAO’s senior management team the Speaker stated that he has always believed in the fundamental values of transparency and accountability, particularly since these are a cornerstone of one of today’s most current themes, democracy. In this regard, Speaker Anġlu Farrugia emphasised that all NAO employees should continue to fearlessly do their work since politicians come and go, however the reports undertaken by the NAO are there to stay.

This visit formed part of the programme of activities organised by the NAO for this year to commemorate the 20th anniversary marking the approval of important legislative amendments by means of which the National Audit Office was established. By means of these amendments, namely to Article 108 of the Constitution of Malta as well as the enactment of the Auditor General and National Audit Office Act of 1997,  a then Government department within the Ministry of Finance was established as a fully autonomous and independent Office. Undoubtedly, such full autonomy from the Executive constitutites an absolute and necessary requisite for every respectable national audit office in a modern and democratic state.  Incidentally, amongst other changes brought about by these amendments, both the Auditor General as well as the Deputy Auditor General became Officers of Parliament.

While thanking the Speaker, the Auditor General, who has always extended his full support to this Office, particularly during challenging moments, said that he was proud to confirm that throughout his nine years of service within the National Audit Office, each and every administration had always respected the full autonomy of this institution without exception. As a consequence, all NAO employees should feel duty-bound to ensure that their work is always and solely based on the fundamental principles of integrity, justice and professionalism. In this regard, Charles Deguara conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to the Deputy Auditor General, particularly for his continuous support and sense of initiative, as well as to senior management and all employees within the Office for their total commitment and dedication in carrying out their duties.  Ultimately the principal objective of their work is to lead to higher levels of good governance in the public service, in citizens’ best interest.

During this visit the Speaker, assisted by personal assistant Ancel Farrugia Migneco, also had the opportunity to meet NAO staff.  

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