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Bill No. 146
Minor Protection (Alternative Care) (Amendment) Bill Back to List

Thirteenth Legislature (2017 - 2022)

Debated in 1st Reading 2nd Reading Committee Recommittal 3rd Reading
Sitting No. 352  -  06 Jul 2020
Plenary Session
Sitting No. 363  -  22 Jul 2020
Plenary Session
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Objects and Reasons

The Objects and Reasons of this Bill are to amend the Minor Protection (Alternative Care) (Amendment) Act to introduce the figure of the curator to represent the parents in the initial proceedings, in order to ensure that all parties are duly represented without stalling or nullifying the court proceedings.

Motion No. 397 - Minor Protection (Alternative Care) (Amendment) Bill

Act No. XXXVII of 2020 - Minor Protection (Alternative Care) (Amendment) Act


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