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Act No. IV of 2016 - Various Laws (Justice Reform) (Civil Procedure) (Amendment) Act

Twelfth Legislature (2013 - 2017)

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Published on 19 January 2016

Bill No. 124 - Various Laws (Justice Reform) (Civil Procedure) (Amendment) Bill

Objects and Reasons

The objects and reasons of this Bill are to implement proposed reforms of the justice system in the field of civil procedure. The Bill provides for the raising of the competences of the Courts of Magistrates and of the Small Claims Tribunal, proposes measures to accelerate the service of written pleadings, creates an electronic register for interdicted and incapacitated persons and proposes measures to curb frivolous and vexatious court proceedings in order to make the courts more efficient. The Bill also clarifies the issue relating to the jurisdiction of the Administrative Review Tribunal to review administrative acts.

Motion No. 267 - Various Laws (Justice Reform) (Civil Procedure) Bill