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Bill No. 88
Various Laws (Better Administration of Justice) (Amendment) Bill Back to List

Thirteenth Legislature (2017 - 2022)

Objects and Reasons

The objects and reasons of this Bill are primarily, to introduce amendments for the better administration of Justice, and particularly to:
(1) transpose Council Decision 2007/845/JHA of 6 December 2007 concerning cooperation between Asset Recovery Offices of the Member States in the field of tracing and identification of proceeds from, or other property related to, crime;
(2) create a legal basis upon which the registrar will be in a position to recover the costs incurred in connection with the employment, in the proceedings, of experts or referees (including any experts appointed in the process verbal of the inquiry) in criminal cases instituted upon the complaint of the injured or aggrieved party, should the complainant decide to waive the action; and
(3) review the procedure of executing the warrants of arrest of Seagoing Vessels.

Motion No. 145 - Various Laws (Better Administration of Justice)(Amendment) Bill

Act No. XXXI of 2019 - Various Laws (Better Administration of Justice) (Amendment) Act


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