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Petition No.: 1 Signatures: 1865

Thirteenth Legislature (2017 - )

Details - Online

Objection to an extension for an existing tuna farm operation off the Northeast coast of Malta
Date petition closes for signatures
Creator of petition
I object to the increase in tuna pens in the temporary location which is in the North East of Malta. This tuna farm is located outside St.Pauls Bay, Qawra and Ghallis and the operators are requesting to double the number of pens from 12 to 24 to the detriment of the residents, swimmers and causing damage to the marine environment through oil slicks, fish residue and waste products from the tuna confined to these pens. I object fully to this extension.
Wherefore I/we respectfully request the House of Representatives to
In Summer 2016 on the North East coastline of Malta (in particular on the shores of Xemxija, St.Paul's Bay and Qawra) a large amount of pollution, oil slicks, fish slime & residue originating from the tuna pens covered the surface of the sea and shoreline making it unsuitable for swimming. On investigation the authorities also found that the tuna farm operator had more pens than was permitted and took steps to have the illegal pens removed.

In 2017 the PA allowed the pens to be relocated with 12 tuna pens at a temporary location during which studies would be conducted to confirm the best location for such operations. This temporary location was approx. 5 km offshore from St.Paul's Bay and a maximum of 12 pens was permitted. The final report should be released in May 2018.

In December a new application was made to double the number of pens from 12 to 24 even though the studies have not been concluded. In January and February of this year the pens were illegally increased to 22. Protests were made to the PA and ERA but the situation remained the same regardless of the illegalities.

In spite of the fact that the pens have been moved further offshore we are still at high risk of experiencing the same pollution and epidemic of 2016 due to the increase of pens from 12 to 24. The authorities seem powerless or have no interest in remedying this situation.
Closing remarks
Objection to EA 00007/18 - Extension to an existing tuna farm operation off the Northeast coast of Malta