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Social Affairs Committee

Laqgħa Nru: 070 - It-Tnejn, 23-Ott-2006 07:30 PM


Communication from The Commission To The Council, The European Parliament, The European Economic and Social Committee And The Committee Of The Regions CONCERNING a Consultation on action at EU level to Promote-the active inclusion of people furthest from the-labor-the market.

Memorandum on a Report from The Commission To The Council are on the basis of member States' reports are on the Implementation of the Council Recommendation (2002/77/EC) on-the Prudent Use of antimicrobial Agents in Human Medicine (COM (2005) 684 final)

Memorandum on an Amended Proposal for a decision of-the European Parliament and of the-Council establishing a Second Programme of Community action in the-field of health (2007-2013) (COM (2006) 234 Final)