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Activities of the Association of Former Members of Parliament of Malta 2015

June 2015

Meeting of the Bureau of the European Association of Former Members of Parliament, Madeira - 11-14 June

Dr Noel Buttigieg Scicluna and Mr Lino Debono participated in the Bureau meeting of the European Association of Former Members of Parliament. The meeting addressed the issue of immigration as a challenge for European solidarity and enlightened self-interest. During the meeting, the delegates, led by the President of the European Association Prof Luis de Carvalho, visited the monument commemorating the heroes of the island of Madeira.

August 2015

The Former Members of Parliament invited by the President of Malta - 25 August

The President of Malta, HE Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, invited the former Members of Parliament at San Anton Gardens. A number of former Members, including former Presidents of Malta and former Speakers, attended this event.