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Għanijiet u Responsabbilitajiet

The Maltese House of Representatives is committed to remaining an organisation that:

  • Provides a venue to allow the people’s representatives to participate in the democratic process;
  • Promotes sound financial management via the examination of public sector financial statements;
  • Provides a safe work place;
  • Provides for the smooth running of the Parliamentary Committees;
  • Provides logistical support for
    • Parliamentary delegations attending conferences abroad and
    • Hosting Parliamentary Conferences in Malta;
  • Provides for the autonomy of two Parliamentary Officers:
    • The Auditor General who is committed to remaining an organisation that provides sound and independent assurance to Parliament on the adequacy of accountability and resource management practices in the public sector;
    • The Ombudsman who is committed to:
      • Investigate and resolve citizens’ grievances about government departments and public bodies;
      • To promote the right to good public administration and the right to complain against maladministration.

The key responsibilities facing the Office of the Clerk in assisting the House of Representatives attain the above mentioned objectives are:

  • The delivery of services requested by Members of Parliament, Ministries, Government departments, the press and the public within existing financial and human resources;
  • The ongoing task of ensuring that the Parliamentary Chamber, its precincts and Office of the Clerk remain a functional working location that is accessible to the public within security constraints
  • The provision of a wide range of services and facilities to ensure that Parliament functions effectively.  While these services primarily consist of the keeping and publishing of Parliamentary Minutes and Transcripts they also include research services, audio/visual broadcasting of debates and the provision of IT services to Members of Parliament.