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Kumitat għall-Konsiderazzjoni ta' Abbozzi ta' Liġijiet

It-Tnax-il Leġiżlatura (2013 - 2017)

Membri tal-Kumitat

L-Onor. Silvio Parnis MP L-Onor. Silvio Parnis MP
President tal-Kumitat

Dwar il-Kumitat


Seven Members: four Government Members including the Chairperson, and three Opposition Members appointed according to the Bill under discussion. 


Estratt mill-Ordnijiet Permanenti

120B. (1) In addition to the Standing Committees listed in Standing Order 120A, the House may, on motion made after notice, appoint such Standing Committee as may be necessary for the consideration of Bills or other business committed or referred by the House to a Standing Committee. 

(2) A motion as is referred to in paragraph (1) of this Standing Order shall:

(a) fix the number of members to serve on the Standing Committee which is to be so composed in such manner as appears practicable to the House as fairly to represent the House in general and the proportion of Government and Opposition members in the House in particular; and

(b) name the Chairman who shall preside the Standing Committee.

(3) Each side of the House shall nominate the members representing it on a Standing Committee, and shall also nominate alternate members for any members so appointed. The members and alternate members representing the Government side shall be nominated by the Leader of the House while the members and alternate members representing the Opposition side shall be nominated by the Leader of the Opposition. The name of members and alternate members so nominated and appointed by the House shall be recorded in the Minutes of the sitting.

(4) Each side of the House may substitute any member or alternate member nominated by it in accordance with paragraph (3) hereof to represent it on a Standing Committee. Such substitution shall only have effect after the Speaker is notified therewith. The Speaker shall, at the first available opportunity, notify the House, or, if the House is in recess, the Standing Committee on House Business.

(5) Government Bills referred to a Standing Committee shall have precedence over the other business of the Standing Committee and shall unless otherwise ordered by the House, be considered in such order as the Standing Committee on House Business may determine.