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Kumitat dwar il-Kontijiet tal-Uffiċċju Nazzjonali tal-Verifika

It-Tnax-il Leġiżlatura (2013 - 2017)

Estratt mill-Ordnijiet Permanenti

Extract from the Auditor General and National Audit Office Act (Cap. 396)

13. There shall be a Committee to be styled the National Audit Office Accounts Committee (hereinafter referred to as "the Committee") which shall be composed as follows:

 (i) the member of the House of Representatives who is for the time being Chairman of the Public
Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives or such other committee of the said
House from time to time replacing such Committee;

(ii) the Minister responsible for parliamentary affairs (hereinafter referred to as "the Leader of
the House of Representatives");

(iii) three members of the House of Representatives appointed by the said House upon a motion by the Leader of the House of Representatives, as to two members from among members supporting the Government and as to the remaining member from among the members in opposition.

14. The Committee shall from time to time but not less often than once a year present to the House of Representatives (through the Leader of the House of Representatives) a report of its activities and the report of its examination of any estimates prepared by the Auditor General.

15. The Committee shall elect a chairman from among its members, and may regulate its own proceedings.